American Jesus — Bad Religion (Recipe for Hate)
Dumpweed — Blink 182 (Enema of the State)

Dumpweed | Blink-182


All time favorite poster and I still have mine from 199_ something. The “Lets Go” days. They’re so young.


it’s so shitty when you finally realize someone who you cared so much about and wanted to be apart of your life so much doesn’t feel at all near the same way and could barely care at all about you

Master your instrument. There’s plenty of time for boyfriends and girlfriends and fucking… all that shit. If you’re passionate about something, master it. And it’s simple to start. It’s baby steps. Learning how to play an instrument takes dedication and making mistakes and discovering all kinds of stuff. If you just play along to your favorite records, which is what I did, you’ll get better and better and better.
—Brody Dalle’s advice to young girls (via sassyandpunk)


it may seem like i’m always online

and that’s because i am

For Tonight You're Only Here To Know — The Distillers (Coral Fang)